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Video Editing Course Online With Certificate

In this course you will learn about foundations of video editing to advance video editing topics, we will start off with premiere pro and learn basic video editing and then will move to advance topics like color correction and other editing software

About This Course

This course is packed with complete video editing package, you will learn from the very start to becoming expert in video editing.

This course will not only cover premiere pro, we will also learn software that is completely free, DaVinci Resolve and we will also take a look at video editing on your smartphone.

Only learning video editing software is not enough to become a good video editor. We will dedicate a whole week to learn creative video editing techniques that will make you a professional video editor.

This course is not a typical course where we will just learn the basics of editing, we will learn color correction from the very start to advance level, after which you will be able to correct color in any kind of footage.

After completing the course you will be able to work on a fully fledge video editing project and create professional videos for any platform, even if it is for YouTube or for your freelancing portfolio.

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Introduction to Video Editing

  • Installing Premiere Pro
  • Launching application
  • Project panel
  • Source monitor
  • Timeline walkthrough
  • Workspaces


  • How to import media to edit
  • Organizing assets
  • Digital-to-digital conversion
  • Putting them in the right place
  • Searching for media

Editing Basics

  • Editing foundations
  • Shots in editing
  • What is b-roll
  • Getting rid of the material
  • Marking at certain points
  • sub clips


Improving Your Edit

  • Why markers are useful
  • Study track behavior
  • Syncing
  • Make your own shortcuts
  • Scene Edit Detection
  • Transitions
  • Change content
  • Top and tail concept
  • Trimming basics

Make Audio Better

  • Audio editing basics
  • Audio channels explained
  • DS sound
  • Audio keyframes
  • Audio gain adjustments
  • Add music to spice your video
  • Mixing your voice and music perfectly
  • Audio volume adjustments

Effects in Premiere Pro

  • Animating images
  • Video effects
  • Transition effects
  • Applying video effects
  • Adjustment layers
  • Track effects
  • Mask effects
  • Different render options
  • Freezing fames
  • Speed up and slow down


Make It Look Better

  • Matching color
  • Video scopes
  • Introduction to color correction
  • Analyze shots
  • Text to transform
  • Animating titles
  • Essential Graphics


  • Different rendering options
  • Auto Reframe
  • Quick export to save time
  • Export all with one click
  • Adobe Media Encoder


Color Correction

  • Color theory
  • RGB Parade
  • Color casts
  • Hue and saturation
  • Automatic color correction
  • Shot-to-shot correction
  • Templates and presets

Advance Color Correction

  • Warm and cool treatments
  • Bleach bypass
  • Underexposed videos correction
  • Flat footage correction
  • Color balance
  • Adjust sky color
  • Tracking mattes


DaVinci Resolve

  • Installing DaVinci Resolve
  • DaVinci Resolve overview
  • Software preferences
  • Tweaking up default settings
  • How databases work?
  • Interface walkthrough

Importing Assets

  • Smart bins
  • Power bins
  • Dual screen clips
  • Metadata
  • How to properly import
  • Media page
  • Key preferences

Editing in DaVinci Resolve

  • Trim modes
  • Making your edit better
  • Additional tools
  • Non-linear editing explained in DaVinci
  • Target tracking
  • Selector tracking
  • Key frames
  • Controlling the speed of the clip


DaVinci Resolve Color

  • Color correction fundamentals
  • Waveforms
  • Vectorscope
  • Primary color correction
  • Auto tools in DaVinci Resolve
  • Gallery
  • Nodes
  • Targeted correction
  • Versus Curves
  • HSL Keyer
  • Isolating color correction
  • Isolating elements

Effects & Exporting

  • Custom templates for exporting
  • Delivery method
  • Busses
  • Channels
  • Cross-fade
  • Fairlight
  • Title generator


Mobile Video Editing

  • Different mobile video editors
  • Installing preferred application
  • Create new project
  • Application interface tour
  • Split clip
  • Additional media
  • Color looks
  • Project panel
  • Audio editing
  • How to record a voice over

Advance Features

  • Titles
  • Transitions
  • Adjusting footage
  • Manage projects
  • Exporting options
  • View on desktop


Become Creative Editor

  • Continuity editing
  • Complexity editing
  • Reverse shot
  • Cutaways
  • Match cut
  • J cut
  • L cut
  • Parallel editing
  • Swish pan
  • Smash cut
  • Montage
  • Jump cut



  • How freelancing actually works?
  • Choosing right platform to freelance
  • Creating a freelance account professionally
  • Avoiding mistakes to getting shadow banned
  • Creating an engaging gig that actually sells
  • Promoting your gig
  • Getting first order
  • Setting up PayPal and Payoneer


  • Why Portfolio is important
  • Choosing right platform to create portfolio
  • Getting a domain name
  • Designing the Portfolio
  • Getting attention of client
  • Promoting your Portfolio


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