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Master Anonymity & Dark Web

Learn ways of accessing dark web and become a daily user, learn to use TOR, VPNS, learn about most secure operating systems and learn to defend yourself from online attacks

What Will You Learn?

• You will learn how to hide your identity while using the internet.

• You will learn how to access dark web and not only that, you will learn how to securely browse on dark web

• You will learn how to securely make conversations with your friends or anyone via emails or messaging services on the dark web and Clearnet.

• You will learn about cryptocurrency, what is cryptocurrency, how to create crypto wallet, how to get it, how to use it and much more.

• You will learn how dark web works and how it is different from the Clearnet that you use on daily basis.

• You will learn about how your operating system can compromise your anonymity and what are the solutions.

• You will learn about how to handle files that contain viruses and open them securely without getting your computer hacked.

• At the end you will learn how to install the most secure operating system on your computer and we will dive into how to use.

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About This Course

Cyber Security may also known as Computer security or information technology security is protection of computer systems and networks from getting hacked, identity theft, hardware and software or electronic data getting damaged from hackers.

This is a practical course where students will learn practically about Cyber Security, Students will also learn to how to access dark web, they will learn how to access dark web links and use dark web search engines and websites. Not just that, they will learn about how simple files can get your identity stolen or even you getting hacked without even you noticing that.

Sending and receiving files on the internet is not safe these days since leaks in servers happen all the time, we will take a deep look at how to send and receives files on the internet anonymously and safely. Along with that we will take a look at the most secure operating system in the world and we will learn how to install it and use it.

We will take a look at cryptocurrency, how to create bitcoin wallet, how to use it and how to get bitcoins

Cyber Security Salary is starting from 80K per month in Pakistan. Cyber attacks in Pakistan are increasing day by day so Cyber Security scope is increasing in Pakistan.




  • What is anonymity?
  • Dark Web vs Surface Web
  • What is onion routing?
  • Tor Browser

Tor Browser

  • How to download TOR safely
  • Installing TOR on Windows, Mac OS x & Linux
  • Bridges & Relays
  • How censorship is bypassed
  • VPN vs TOR
  • Best TOR settings for maximum security
  • Problems with browser


  • What is TAILS
  • Installation options
  • Installing on virtual machine
  • Installing via USB
  • How to properly start TAILS machine
  • Basics of TAILS
  • Persistence mode in TAILS
  • Bridges in TAILS
  • Restrictions & Unsafe browse


Dark Web

  • How to access dark web
  • Not Evil
  • Ahmia
  • Hidden Answers
  • Dread
  • Dark web listings
  • Hidden Wiki
  • Torch



  • Why Gmail and Yahoo are bad
  • Temporary emails
  • Guerilla mail
  • Elude mail
  • TorBox
  • XMPP
  • Pidgin
  • Adding friends
  • End to End Encryption
  • Verify friends
  • Communicating via dark web


Handling Files

  • How files can reveal your identity
  • Why you shouldn’t email your files
  • Onion share
  • How to delete files properly
  • Secure your data



  • What is encryption
  • What is PGP
  • Creating PGP key pair
  • Importing public key
  • Encrypting a secret message
  • What is signing
  • Signing messages with private key
  • File encryption
  • Signing files


Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin

  • Cryptocurrency explained
  • Installing and creating Bitcoin wallet
  • Ways to get Bitcoin
  • Getting Bitcoin from ATMs
  • Sending from one wallet to another
  • Getting bitcoin from peer to peer
  • Cleaning Bitcoins
  • Using mixer


Cryptocurrency - Monero

  • What is Monero
  • Installing and creating Monero wallet
  • How you can get Monero
  • Churning coins
  • Monero wallet basics
  • Bitcoin vs Monero


Most Secure Operating System

  • What makes this OS secure
  • Installation options
  • Installing via USB
  • Basics of OS
  • Working with VMs
  • Sending files within OS
  • Connecting devices properly
  • Installing software
  • Whonix gateway
  • Installing software in whonix gateway


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