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Fiverr Earning in Pakistan Complete Course

In this course you will learn about foundations of freelancing, we will learn about account creation on fiverr, how to create gigs professionally, how to work on fiverr SEO, how to rank your gig and make extra profit on fiverr

About This Course

This course is for anyone who wants to make money online but they do not have the skills to do so or anyone who is tired of making just $5 on fiverr as a freelancer.

You will learn skills in this course without any experience in freelancing, not just that, you will learn to utilize fiverr to its fullest and earn way more than just $5 per order.

Most people think fiverr is not for making serious money on the internet and is just a waste of time, this course is to prove those people wrong. Unlike Upwork, fiverr does not have any application process and people just order your services which saves a whole lot of your time.

The 20+ skills you will learn in this course will all be different from each other; some might be easy for you and some might be hard but you can choose whichever you want depending on your interest.

Get ready to turn your $5 customers into clients who will be willing to spend thousands of dollars buying your freelancing services.

  • Certification of Completion

    Get Certified after completing the course

  • 29% People Get Promoted

    After getting this certification

  • 80% Students Get New Job

    After getting this Certification

  • 100% Online Content

    Get access to classes whenever you want

  • Flexible Timings

    Complete the course according to your schedule



Introduction to Fiverr

  • Why fiverr is better?
  • How fiverr works?
  • Creating new account
  • Setting up professional profile
  • Mistakes to avoid creating profile
  • Becoming a seller on fiverr
  • Why SEO is important on fiverr
  • Researching proper keyword

Creating Gigs Professionally

  • Creating gigs that actually sells
  • Why copyright matters
  • Good title and description for your gig
  • Gig description examples
  • Sales page SEO
  • How you can boost sales
  • What to do on your first day
  • Service requests
  • Ranking higher using buyer requests
  • How past clients can be useful
  • Getting 1st order


Making More Profit

  • Extra profit from gig extras
  • Strategy that works every time
  • Gig carousels
  • Long term customers
  • Profit without work

Best Strategies

  • This hack will work like magic
  • Why fiverr accounts ger banned
  • How shadow ban works on fiverr
  • Avoid these mistakes at all costs


Learning Easy Skills

  • This week we will learn 10 easy skills


Learning Easy Skills Continued

  • This week we will learn 10 easy skills


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