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About this course

The course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of ethical hacking. This beginner-friendly training covers the basics of cyber security, including types of attacks, security measures, and tools used by ethical hackers. Students will learn how to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, as well as how to protect against malicious attacks.

In terms of future jobs, there is growing demand for professionals with cybersecurity skills in Pakistan, as organizations increasingly recognize the importance of protecting their systems and data from cyber threats. Career opportunities in this field include positions such as ethical hacker, security analyst, and penetration tester.

To start a career in cybersecurity, it's important to gain experience and build a strong skill set. This can be achieved through continued learning and practical experience, such as participating in online security competitions or contributing to open-source security projects. Networking with professionals in the industry and obtaining relevant certifications can also help to enhance your career prospects


✅  None, this course is designed for complete beginners with no prior experience or knowledge required.

Who is this for

✅  Aspiring Ethical Hackers & Penetration Testers

✅  Cybersecurity Enthusiasts seeking hands-on experience

✅  IT Pros upgrading their skills in cybersecurity

✅  Entrepreneurs securing their systems & networks

✅  Career Changers exploring cybersecurity

✅  Computer Science Students gaining practical knowledge

✅  Network Security Admins responsible for network security

✅  Managers enhancing their organization’s security

✅  Hands-On Tech-Savvy Learners

✅  Ethical Hacking Hobbyists exploring the field.

Goals of this training

✅  Understanding of basic networking concepts

✅  Knowledge of different types of hacking

✅  Ability to identify security vulnerabilities

✅  Understanding of how to perform penetration testing

✅  Familiarity with various tools and techniques used in ethical hacking

✅  Knowledge of ethical hacking methodologies and frameworks

✅  Ability to secure personal accounts and network infrastructure

✅  Understanding of laws and regulations related to ethical hacking

✅  Understanding of incident response and management

✅  Knowledge of emerging trends and advancements in the field of ethical hacking.

The Art of Hacking Unveiled
The Many Faces of Hackers
Understanding Cyber Attacks
What are Attack Vectors?
A Guide to Cyber Attack Types
Malware: A Deep Dive
What's the Deal with Viruses?
Worms: The Culprit Behind Cyber Attacks
Trojan Horses: A Hidden Threat
Ransomware: A Modern Plague
The Threat of Spyware
File-Less Malware: A Stealthy Menace
Protecting Yourself: A Must-Do
Defence-in-Depth: A Layered Approach
Understanding Asset/Risk/Threat/Vulnerability
The Dark Side of the Web
The Hacking Journey: A Phased Approach
Virtualization: A New Reality
Installing VirtualBox: A Step-by-Step Guide
Kali Linux: Your Virtual Training Ground
Metasploitable: A Vulnerable VM
Ubuntu: A Virtual Journey
Windows 10: A Virtual Experience

Hardware: An Inside Look
Firmware: The Software's Soulmate
Software: The Brain Behind the Machine
Transmission: Modes of Communication
Network: A Connection Hub
Network Issues: Troubleshooting Tips
OSI Model: An In-Depth Analysis
TCP/IP: Connecting the World
OSI in Real Life: A Practical Approach
Addresses: Types & Purpose
IP Address: Your Online Identity
IPv4: The Internet's Backbone
IPv4 Classes: Understanding the System
Network ID: Defining Your Space
Broadcast ID: Sending Out a Signal
Subnet Mask: Masking Your Network
Binary to Decimal: A Quick Conversion
Private vs Public: IP Addresses
Networking Devices: The Building Blocks
Change Your IP: A Step-by-Step Guide

Topologies with a Twist
Networking's Many Forms
LAN: Your Home Base
WAN: World Connections
VPN: Surfing Safely
VPN: Remote Adventure
MAC: Device DNA
Hex to Dec: Transform it!
IPv4 Headers: Decoded
IPv4 Frag Off: Mystery Solved
IPv4 ID: Identify this!
IPv4 TTL: Time's Up!
Datagram: Packing a Punch
Trace a Site's Journey
Subnetting: Divide & Conquer
Subnetting: Network Necessities
VLSM: Subnetting's Superhero

Unleashing the Power of Supernetting
Supernetting in Action
Unlocking the DNS Mystery
Behind the Scenes of Host Files
The Core of the Internet: Root Servers
Dynamic IPs with DHCP
Discovering the DORA Process
Sending Emails with SMTP
Finding Your Way with Address Resolution
Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi Explained
File Transfers with FTP
Receiving Emails with POP3
Organizing Inbox with IMAP
HTTP vs HTTPS: Secure Web Browsing
Ports: The Gateway to Network Communication
One-Click Access to All Tools
Managing Kali Linux Settings
Launching with Ease
Mastering the Kali Terminal
Exploring Your Current Directory
Navigating Directories in Terminal
Directory Listing Made Simple
Checking File Permissions
Creating Files from the CLI
Reading Files in Terminal
Editing Text with the CLI
Building Python Files
Making Directories with mkdir
Managing Files with Terminal
Deleting Files and Folders
Knowing Your User with whoami
Root vs Kali: Understanding the Differences
Switching Users in Terminal
Modifying File Permissions
Managing Passwords and Shadows
Adding a New User in Kali
Working with the sudoers File
Deleting Unwanted Users
Network Information with ifconfig & iwconfig
Using ping for Network Testing
Discovering Devices on Your Network
Starting and Stopping Services
Apache2: The Power of a Web Server
Easy Web Serving with SimpleHTTPServer
Auto-Starting Services on Boot
Updating Kali with a Single Command

The Command Handbook
Locating Live Systems on Network
Boot Camp: Metasploitable
Scanning Connected Systems"
NMAP: Network Mapping Made Easy
Deep Magic: Uncovering Hidden Info
Investigating Domains
Subdomain Sleuthing & IP Tracking
Discovering Domain Name Servers
Finding Valuable Emails
Brute-Forcing DNS Information
Collecting Mail Exchange Servers
Port Scanning Hosts on Your Network
Identifying Host Services & Versions
Uncovering Website Technologies
Scanning Web Servers for Vulnerabilities
Burp Suite: A Comprehensive Walkthrough
Setting Targets with Burp Suite
Sniffing Login Credentials with Burp Suite
Building Custom Wordlists for Brute-Force
Manipulating Wordlists for Success
Generating Wordlists from Target Scans
The World of Hashes
Decrypting MD5 Hashes to Plain Text
Cracking Windows User Account Passwords

The Power of Msfconsole
The Art of Exploitation
The Secret Behind Payloads
Infiltrating Linux via IRC
Kali Terminal's File Control
FTP Hacking on Metasploitable
Unlocking Metasploitable's Root
Gaining VNC Control on Target
GUI Root Access on Metasploitable
SSH'ing into Linux
The Purpose of Verbosity
Cracking Passwords with Wordlists
The Armitage Advantage
Attacking Linux with Armitage
Crafting Payloads with MSFvenom
Windows 10 Hack and Payload
Keystroke Sniffing on Windows 10
Adding Linux to Windows 10
Linux Tools on Windows 10

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Ahmed Khan Founder & CEO

The ethical hacking course I took was a game-changer for my business. I learned how to identify and prevent cyber threats, and I now have peace of mind knowing my business is protected. Highly recommend to all business owners.

Azhar Hussain DevOps Engineer

Main ne ye ethical hacking course for complete beginners join kya aur boht impressed hu. Assignments aur quizzes boht helpful rhe aur lifetime LMS access bhi boht zabardast hai. 24/7 WhatsApp support bhi boht helpful rha jb main koi confusion mein tha.

Hamza Ali IT Project Manager

I love the focus on marked assignments! They really help me retain the information I'm learning and I can see my progress improving with each one. Highly recommend this course for anyone interested in ethical hacking.

Bilal Farooq Game Developer

Main ne ye ethical hacking course join kya aur mujhe ye boht pasand aya. Assignments boht helpful rhe aur main ne networking, scanning aur enumeration ke baare mein boht kuch seekha. 24/7 WhatsApp support bhi boht helpful rha.

Usama Tayyab


Meet Usama Tayyab, a seasoned cybersecurity expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. Starting as a web developer in 2007, Usama soon transitioned into programming in Python, which eventually led to a passion for cybersecurity. As a freelancer, Usama has provided top-notch cybersecurity solutions to clients from all over the world, building a reputation as a skilled professional in the field.


In recent years, Usama has also dedicated time to teaching, imparting knowledge and expertise to thousands of students in Pakistan. With a deep understanding of both web development and cybersecurity, Usama is a valuable asset to anyone looking to secure their digital presence.

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