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Introduction To Ethical Hacking - 1hr 35m

Topics Covered

What is Hacking?
Types of Hackers
Cyber Attacks Explained
What are Attack Vectors?
Cyber Attack types
Malware Explained
What is Virus?
What is Worm?
Trojans Explained
What are Spyware
File-Less Malware
How to protect yourself
What is Dark Web?
Phases of Hacking
Virtualization Explained
Installing VirtaulBox
Installing Kali Linux VM
Installing Metasploitable VM
Installing Ubunto VM
Installing Windows 10 VM

Networking Basics - 1hr 26m

Topics Covered

Hardware Explained
What is Firmware?
Software Explained
Transmission Modes
What is Network?
Problems in Network
OSI Model Explained
TCP/IP Explained
OSI Model Real Life Example
Types of Addresses
What is IP Address?
IPv4 Explained
Classes of IPv4
What is Network ID?
What is Broadcast ID?
What is Subnet Mask?
Convert Binary to Decimal
Private vs Public IP
Networking Devices
How to Change Your IP?

Networking Basics Continued - 2hr 18m

Topics Covered

Network Topologies
Network Types
What is Local Area Network?
What is Wide Area Network?
How VPN works?
Using a VPN
What is MAC Address?
Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal
IPv4 Headers Explained
Datagram Explained
Trace route of any website
Network Requirement Subnetting
Variable Length Subnet Mask

Networking Deep Dive- 1hr 15m

Topics Covered

What is Supernetting
Supernetting Real Life Examples
Domain Name System
How hosts file Work?
Root Servers
What is DHCP?
DORA Process Explained
SMTP Explained
What is Address Resolution?
Wi-Fi Explained
Ports Explained

Kali Linux Walkthrough- 1hr 12m

Topics Covered

How to access all tools with one click
Kali Linux Settings Manager
Creating Launcher
Kali Linux Terminal
View current directory in cli
Change directories in Terminal
Listing directories
Check permissions of files & Directories
Create new files using cli
View content of a file in Terminal
Command-line text editor
Creating Python file
How mkdir works?
Copy & Move files using only Terminal
Removing Files & Folders with cli
root vs kali
Changing users within Terminal
Change permissions
passwd & shadow file
Adding new user in kali linux
sudoers file
Deleting unwanted users
ifconfig & iwconfig
Using ping in terminal
Check other devices connected to same network
Starting & Stopping Services
Auto start services when Kali stars
Updating Kali with single command
sudo apt-get upgrage

Cracking Passwords & More- 1hr 29m

Topics Covered

Command manual
Finding live systems on network
Booting up Metasploitable
Scan systems connected to same router
Deepmagic Tool
How to gather information of a domain?
Collecting subdomains & their IPS
Get Name Server information of a domain
Collecting useful emails
Bruteforcing DNS information
Collect Mail exchange Servers
Port scanning hosts connected to same network
Finding Services & their versions running on hosts
Identify technologies used by websites
Scan web servers for weaknesses
Burp Suite Walkthrough
Setting target in Burp Suit
Sniffing Bank Login Credentials with Burp Suit
Generate your own wordlists for brute forcing
Mangling your wordlists
Scanning target host to Generate wordlist
What are Hashes?
Decrypting MD5 hash to simple text
Crack other windows user account passwords

Exploiting Linux & Windows 10 - 1hr 30m

Topics Covered

What are exploits?
Payloads Explained
Hacking Linux through irc port
Changing files of hacked linux using Kali terminal
Hacking Metasploitable through ftp port
Getting root access of Metasploitable
Getting vnc credentials of target host
Graphical root access of metasploitable
Entering into linux by ssh port
What is verbosity in Msfconsole
Brute forcing passwords using wordlist
Finding attacks in Armitage against Linux
Generating Payloads using MSFvenom
Hacking windows 10 Using Payload
Sniffing Windows 10 keystrokes of target
Installing Linux subsystem in Windows 10
Using Linux tools in windows 10

Demo Lectures

Module 1 - Topic: How To Protect Yourself

Module 2 - Topic: OSI Model Real Life Example

Module 3 - Topic: How VPN Works

Module 4 - Topic: What is Supernetting?

Module 5 - Topic: Running A Server Within Kali Linux

Module 6 - Topic: Cracking Other Account Passwords

Module 7 - Topic: Exploiting Windows 10 Machine

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