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CyberSavvy: Navigating Linux & Essential Cybersecurity

Integrating Linux basics with vital cybersecurity essentials for robust digital defense


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▶️ Understanding the Fundamentals of Hacking
▶️ Tracing the Historical Origins of Hacking
▶️ Insights from Malicious Hackers: Black Hat Perspectives
▶️ The Role of Ethical Hackers: White Hat Explorations
▶️ Navigating the Ethical Grey: Insights into Grey Hat Hackers
▶️ Demystifying Computer Viruses and Their Functionality
▶️ Comprehensive Overview of Computer Worms
▶️ Deciphering the Intricacies of Trojan Horses
▶️ Understanding the Mechanics of Ransomware Attacks
▶️ Insights into the Intrusive Nature of Spyware

▶️ Cyber Attack Landscape & Attack Vectors
▶️ Phishing Techniques & Email Attachments Risks
▶️ DoS, DDoS Attacks & Mitigation
▶️ SQL Injection, Packet Sniffing, DNS Spoofing
▶️ Session Hijacking & Credential Security
▶️ Zero Day Vulnerabilities & Dark Web Insights
▶️ Hacking Stages: Reconnaissance to Access
▶️ Hardware Manipulation & Baiting Tactics
▶️ Covering Tracks & Defense-in-Depth

▶️ Understanding Virtualization
▶️ Hardware Virtualization
▶️ Software Virtualization
▶️ Installing Prerequisites
▶️ Enabling Virtualization in BIOS/UEFI settings
▶️ Installing VirtualBox
▶️ Configuring Virtualization Settings
▶️ Downloading and Installing Kali Linux
▶️ Downloading and Installing Metasploitable 2
▶️ Downloading and Installing Windows 10 VM
▶️ Downloading and Installing Ubuntu VM

▶️ Linux Distributions Overview
▶️ Understanding Processes in Linux
▶️ Kali Linux Application Manager
▶️ Hands-On Terminal Commands
▶️ Linux Directory Structure
▶️ Customizing Taskbar Launchers
▶️ Terminal Directory Navigation
▶️ File Management in Terminal
▶️ Working with Directories in Terminal

▶️ Linux File Permissions
▶️ Permissions for Groups
▶️ Permissions for Users
▶️ Permissions for Other Users
▶️ Modifying File Permissions
▶️ Adding New Users in Linux
▶️ Establishing Groups in Linux
▶️ Deleting Users in Linux

▶️ Enhancing Windows 10 Virtual Machine Performance
▶️ Understanding IP Addresses
▶️ Understanding eth0 Interface
▶️ Comparison: ifconfig and ipconfig
▶️ Verifying Connectivity Between Two Machines
▶️ Enabling Bidirectional Data Transfer
▶️ Exploring Address Resolution Protocol Commands
▶️ Explaining the Loopback Address
▶️ Utilizing Ping Utility in Linux

▶️ Ip Address Explained
▶️ How To Get Ip Address
▶️ How To Get Gps Location
▶️ How To Unzip Password Protected File
▶️ How To Scan Systems On Your Network
▶️ Looking For Exploits For Vulnerabilites
▶️ Using Armitage In Kali Linux
▶️ Os Detection In Armitage Done Right
▶️ Creating Sessions To Victim In Armitage

▶️ Using Msfvenom In Kali Linux
▶️ How To Create Payload For Windows
▶️ How Meterpreter Works
▶️ Msfconsole Walkthrough
▶️ Getting System Information Of Victim
▶️ Sniffing Credentials From Victim Machine
▶️ How To See What Victim Has On Screen
▶️ Accessing Camera Of Windows 10 Machine
▶️ Screen Streaming Of Victim
▶️ How To Download Nessus For Scanning
▶️ Setting Up Nessus In Linux
▶️ Scanning Target Using Nessus

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